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Kitty in photos

Nestle hanging out in his scratching post thingie
This is my scratching post, and an excellent place to hang out.

Silly kitty
But playing with toys from it is good, too!

Lounging kitty
It's even better when they put it in the kitchen, though!

Test shot
Chairs are good.

Kitty! First picture.
Still good!

NSPy on the Aeron
Yup. Chairs are fabulous.

Chair thief!
Especially when they are someone else's!

So happy
Even when the someone else wants them back...

There"s a kitty at my butt and I wanna touch it.
Sharing is good, too!

Trusting kitty
Sometimes it's hard to share, but you can still be nearby!

Very very trusting!
Very nearby.

NSPy napping under the kitchen chair
... I have no explanation.

Napping NSPy
It's a chair _and_ a blanket!

That cat uses my back support more than I do!
Also, it's mine.

NSPy in the little shelf by the door
Kitties like funny places!

He doesn"t fit, but he"s happy anyway
Even when they don't actually fit very well!

He was so happy, he was drooling
Feet are good!

Blissed out kitty

Flopping on Suzanne"s foot
Different foot, still happy.

The kitty who is named "None shall pass!"
Leaving isn't allowed!

NSPy waiting for Suzanne to come home
Waaait. Why'd she go?

I think this is his "ok, bring her back now, please" look
Come on, bring her back?

None Shall Pass!
Why does no one understand that they are not allowed to leave?!

... I guess cuddles is ok, even if you are going to leave.

Where he is now...
Hi. Whatcha doing?

NSPy, the cute
This is my laptop bag. It's for napping.

Powered kitty
Sometimes sun trumps comfortable.

NSPy resting

Sprawled kitty
Everyone's in here, so I am, too!

Semi-birthday party
This is where the people are!

Semi-birthday party
It might have been tasty! There was a can-opener!

Kitty in the sun
Yay, window!

Partially sitting up sleeping cat
Sleeping while lying down is no fun!

Lounge act
Yes, I _am_ a lounge cat!

#100 from the new camera
Really, human?

"You called me?"
You called?

"These are my ice packs and that makes me very happy!"
This is mine.

More with the ice pack love.
Still mine!

Napping helper
Beds! I like beds.

Suzanne and Nestle
Especially when they come with people!

NSPy, wondering why I"m not in bed
And future people!

Cat on hats
And are near people and on their stuff!

Helpful cat is helpful
Or I can watch what they are doing!

This was most of my last week
I like napping with people, too.

Sometimes kitties belong on the back of people's legs.

KItty on my feet!
Or feet.

Ah, yes. Pettings...

My lap.

Hmm. Yes, you may rest your head against me.

Yes. Sun is good.

For reals. Sun! Also, why are you taking my photo again?!

Grass. Yes...

So. Warm. (long cat is long!)

Box cat!


I has a yawn!

Comfy curled napping kitty!

Lap _and_ sun. Bliss!

Long lap kitty!

Time for food?

Gorgeous kitty face!

Slouchy teenager kitty!

My tail holds onto you so you stay with me.

Super kitty!

My arm.

I guard you when you are sick!

And sometimes lay on you and purr.

You took too long to provide a lap, I pointedly look away from you!

I will make there be a lap here!

Mutual napping.

My arm.

There is nothing funny about this position!

... or this one!

Or this one, either!

... what is going on over there?

Seriously, what?

Flowers are for lying upon.

Everything is for lying upon, especially when it's hot out!

Kitty face in the grass!

Kiiiitty face!

Toooo warm!

Are you _sure_ it's not food time?

Hanging around.

You were loved so much, kitty.



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Oct. 19th, 2013 05:55 pm (UTC)
Beautiful kitty! I am both smiling and sniffling as I look at these.
Oct. 20th, 2013 03:30 am (UTC)
I loved him too and am glad I got to be with him some.
Oct. 20th, 2013 04:18 am (UTC)
What a *wonderful* bunch of pictures you picked. He was such a special kitty. I'm glad I got to share his life with him. *hugs for you, A and J).
Oct. 20th, 2013 03:51 pm (UTC)
Awww... He was so beautiful and sweet.

Also, I have that a cat tree just like that first one. :)
Oct. 21st, 2013 12:59 am (UTC)
Oh, what a wonderful set of photos to go with the wonderful memories. But oh, how much you must miss him. My deepest sympathies, again.
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