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Need to figure out a way to use the chipper-shredder that doesn't use my lower back for the end of each branch. Squatting is really not easy to do for this particular movement. I keep trying, but then keep forgetting because it's not at all smooth with the rest of the movement.

I also use my lower back a bit to get each branch or collection of branches, but that seems less bad.

I had brush stored in all sorts of interesting places. I _think_ I've found them all, and have both a big pile sitting waiting to be shredded, and another enormous pile sitting at the back of the former chicken run. Almost entirely made up of our far too many forsythia that I trimmed last fall.

A little stumped on how to get up some of those so that the path around the back of the fence remains clear. Maple trees, too. And a tree-like thing which I have been unable to identify thus far, near our bird feeder.

Can't yet see the tree of heaven that minerva42 pointed out to me last year. Not that I have any idea how to get to its roots anyway, since they are _in_ our rock pile.

Darned weedy trees and shrubs...

Found all the various places our front wysteria was trying to spread away from our porch, and encouraged them to actually climb our porch instead. I think our back wysteria is a different type, as it's a _lot_ better behaved (even considering that it's easier to keep track of, it's still true that it requires _much_ less trimming or re-routing). Maybe even a native version (I hear those are just as pretty, but much better behaved). Hoping our side wysteria is actually gone... doubt it, though. Darned thing. (whoever planted _three_ wysteria next to the foundation was crazy. At least the one in back behaves...)

All three fig trees seem to have survived the winter under a bunch of leaves without even losing any branches. Perhaps this year one or more will be established enough to give me figs? (This is the type which, once established, can lose all its branches over winter, and still grow figs on the new growth the following year) Mmm. Fresh figs are just _so_ much better than any other kind.

I also repotted some of our succulents today. The xmas cactus will have to wait until the shed is a little less crowded so I can find an appropriate sized pot. My various citruses (dwarf orange, lemon, line, and another kind of orange that I fail to recall) are all happy enough. The dwarf pomegranate has not bloomed or anything, but it's much happier with me since I realized that 'drought tolerant' did not mean 'likes being a little less wet than the citruses'. Actually, it likes about the same.

The canna is happy enough, too, once I realized last year that it likes being wet (it spent the summer in the pond). Seems to have topped out on growth for now, but I'm watering and not feeding. I figure it'll have all sorts of nutrients once it's back in the pond. Maybe it'll flower this year!

Some of the orchid cacti that I got cuttings of had scale. I _think_ I caught it in time, but we shall see. I just wish I knew when they arrived and one looked a little odd what I was dealing with! Would have been way easier to handle then... Most of them are growing from their cuttings, although one - the one I suspect came with scale - is slow to grow, and another two are having trouble rooting. Eh, they'll be fine.

Have a bunch of african violet cuttings. We'll see which survive long enough to root and grow and then be moved to bigger pots. :) I suspect that I will have (mostly named!) african violet cuttings to give away eventually.

I have got to move one of our crocus spots. It's too close to our rock pathway near the pond, and I've damaged its growing flowers both this year and last while kneeling on the rocks doing some cleanup of the various herbaceous perennials. I hope the annoying white hardy geranium shows up soon. Want to attack it! May contact that craigslist woman who wants plants that spread nicely on mostly bare ground, and see if she wants more of these.

Definitely need to finish covering the back garden with mulch. Removed a bunch of orange daylilies from there last year, and I don't want weeds taking over those spots. I plan to eventually put other things there!


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Mar. 18th, 2013 03:00 pm (UTC)
Yay, gardening! i am jealous of your chipper.
Mar. 18th, 2013 10:57 pm (UTC)
It's actually not as expensive as I thought it might be! The electric ones are around $150-200 new, and you might have someone on craigslist or similar selling one! :)

(it was kind of funny; I thought to check craigslist because I was considering buying one new. And one had been put up a town away from me that same day! Luck, indeed. :)
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