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standing desk for class reading

Evidently my standing desk kludge (many piles of things on my desk to allow for a high enough place for the monitor and a different level for my keyboard) is far more useful to me when I'm reading and responding to readings than for other things I have to do. My guess is that I'm better at remembering to move around and not just stand in those cases.

Was pretty restless, so wanted to not sit while I read for class (and later to grade things). So I'm standing, and moving back and forth and stretching and such. Not bad!

Eh, why not:
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Apparently it is no longer particularly easy to get the actual address of a photo, even on flickr. Grumble.


Things and stuff!

My hair, it will no longer constantly try to trap me because I lean against it, thanks to galaneia trimming it for me!

My knee is mostly healed from my trip, and now just itches like mad.

I have plans to visit deyo and company around Xmas and New Years!

I found my missing watch... in my pants pocket. Confusing!

Grading papers is an odd experience, especially since we are expressly _not_ trying to teach them basic writing skills and I desperately want to fix everything.

Larger dose of sleep meds maaaaybe helping me sleep deeper (no longer with the constant dreams that I remember because I'm sleeping shallowly enough to remember them). My brain is certainly working better!

I'm a prime number tomorrow. Yay, primes!

tap water, locations

One of the things I really noticed during our recent road trip is that tap water in the south is usually _nasty_. No wonder no one wants to drink water!

I don't, however, understand why. Sometimes it's absurd amounts of chlorine. Other times it just tastes like mold and mildew. Other times, it's nothing that I can point to other than unpleasant.

Even with a filter, the water in Orlando, FL is just yucky.

Seems ill-advised to me, but given that I don't know why it's the case, I could be assuming that it's a lot easier to fix than it is. Or something.

Program behaving strangely?

I tested software for 10 years! I will easily come up with possible ways to see when it does and doesn't behave strangely. Heh.

Brain. Hurts.

Apparently trying to change from using a command line on a linux box to trying to get settings changed on my windows 8 machine is _shockingly_ hard to do. Also, trying to go from R on this machine to almost anything else on it is similarly painful to my brain.

I just spent a few minutes going 'wait... how do I get to the settings on this machine again?'. (For those who don't know, windows 8 is _especially_ strongly a graphical user interface, and intended to coincide with a touch screen)

(also, recent party was fabulous with much kissing. Too much warms for much snuggles, though I still got _some_ snuggles!)


Sadly for me, my mycestro uses many of the same muscles as tends to increase my tendinitis, just to move the mouse around, let alone to tap or click. And as far as I can tell, cannot have its handedness reversed.



My Mycestro has arrived! Now I wait impatiently for it to charge. :)
I'm hoping to add some American toad eggs/tadpoles to our pond/yard so that they eventually help with eating slugs, but as far as I can tell they aren't in our town at all. I suspect that it's because people use pesticides on their lawns...

I realize that adding them may be sad for them if they decide to relocate, but I want to have at least tried, you know?


I have _no_ focus left for working on school stuff.

This is a bit of a problem, since I have a presentation at the end of the month, data to analyze for it and I still need to track down references for it, stats homework regularly, cog psych reading regularly, and I really need to write sample finals questions for the last lecture in the class I'm TA'ing, as well as for this coming one tomorrow.


It's too _nice_ out! And I'm tired. And I donwanna.

I guess I'll continue to ignore the finals questions for now, and work on background references...


Fishies & 'ich'

... Oh.

I vaguely noticed last fall that a few of my fish were acting oddly and looked strange, but was too distracted by the new semester to do much about it except remove the ones that looked really bad.

I'm suspecting that, in addition to the difficult winter (perhaps entirely aside from the rough winter), I had an outbreak of 'ich' (

For those who don't already know, I'm pretty sure that we lost all our fish over the winter. We have a surviving tadpole, and at least one surviving snail.

Ich apparently always comes from external sources, which is frustrating. I added a few pond plants last year, which is my guess for where it came from, and apparently it's worse when the water cools down. (but maybe it only comes from added fish? In which case, I have _no_ clue, as I've added no fish)

Now, I guess, to figure out how to remove it before I add any new fish to the pond.


Feb. 24th, 2014


That is all.


I exist!

calm, iguana glee, lizard
I exist, even in mid-February.

It's true!

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Ear infection? Really?

For the first time in my adult life, ear infection.

This makes sleep a problem, as well as making hiccuping, coughing, sneezing, and anything else which might affect the pressure in my ears unexpectedly painful.

Started being painful mid-Saturday.

Today, got a script for antibiotics, instructions for use of ibuprofin to potentially help it pass on its own, and will use the antibiotics only if that doesn't work in a couple of days. Also, heat (which I was already doing).

So, quite tired.

On the plus side, the doctor I talked to suggests that maybe I would benefit from the use of Advair (I think? I may be remembering wrong) to help reduce the congestion that I always have in the winter. That would be nice...


Fun party

Also kind of an odd combination of blast from the past and current life stuff.

People I know from RedHat and from when I lived in southern NH/northern MA. People I met much more recently. People I don't know at all. Games and nibbles and good socialness.

And, a drive that, other than having to fight to not take 95 N on the way home, I know most of really, really well. Even at night, in rain and fog.

It was warm enough that there was no worry about ice, either.

Very glad I went. Yus.

thisiswhyimbroke dot com!

Because I need a break from studying for tomorrow's test:

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And now, sleep.

Cats +2!

Both are hiding under beds in my and galaneia's room at the moment, unsurprisingly.

Kitties! One big black boy who is pretty chill. One smaller tiger girl who is nervous, but _loves_ snuggles when she is reminded that they are a thing.



Kitty, kitty, kitty!

We've started our kitty hunt, with the intention of having a pair of cats (so they aren't bored and lonely when no one is home. Also, they are probably going to get more exercise that way).

This is very, very good, since even though we met and played with a kitty on Saturday, I'm wicked restless due to lack of cat today.

Waiting to hear back about the kitty we already met (So. Much. Impatience.); getting set up to talk to a second kitty hopefully this weekend.

metahacker and I are going to make a cat tree because ones that are stable, reasonable size (cats really need to be able to stretch tall while sharpening their claws), and not entirely made out of rug are stupidly expensive. And only having one sharpening place seems unwise with two cats.

(the kitty we are looking to see this weekend:

Kitty, kitty, kitty!

Hopefully now I can focus on studying and organizing and other such things I need to do for school!


Oh, dream kitty

Oh, dream nspy, you cannot purr away my grief and loss, although it's very... you of you to try. It's just hard, and I'm glad that you haven't yet joined ash in the dreams where i find him lost and hungry and alone because i forgot about him.

I'm glad we could give you a screened back door for your last summer, and wish you could have enjoyed it for longer.

Oh, kitty.

My life with cats

Currently having no cat, I'm musing on why cats are so important to me.

because it will probably be longCollapse )


Much too quiet

There is no kitty snoring or kitty claws ticking on the wooden floors or coming up the stairs. No curious nose coming to see what we are doing, jumping up beside us, greeting us when we come home with purrs and shoulder bumps. No hungry and impatient mews.

No humans randomly taking to him about what he is doing or what we are thinking or explaining to each other what he is doing or thinking. No greeting him or talking to him in silly little voices that mean we love him.

No voices calling him to come and rapidly running little feets and an inquisitive little face and ears and tail.

It's much, much too quiet.

A story of a cat that was

He was a stray who was caught when his foster was trying to catch another kitty, because she never thought she could catch him. He purred madly when she came to check the trap, and his tale with humans was started.

I may try to make a second post with photos, but not right now.

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As many of you may have seen in metahacker's journal, NSPy isn't doing great. Initially, it appeared to be due to some truly astonishingly bad arthritis in his hips, perhaps due to a long-ago encounter with a car while he was a stray.

As time passed, it became apparent that there were some neurological things going on, which ended up being "probably a brain tumor". We cannot really afford the brain surgery required to remove the tumor, so paying for the MRI makes basically no sense, so we won't know for sure.

The prednisone he is on took a _long_ time to come into effect, to the point of believing, at least on my part, that we were going to have to say goodbye to him this week. It finally started working late Sunday night through Monday and Tuesday. (Much like after he first saw the neurologist; he started improving later that day - which was a Tuesday - and started worsening again on that Friday) His eyes never returned completely to having both pupils evenly dilated, though.

This morning, he is doing poorly again. Not a lot of balance, not really eating, restlessly wandering about unless confined (by his carrier or by a human). The prednisone is meant to reduce swelling, and is not a fix. I just kind of thought that he'd have a bit longer between bad days.

The neurologist said that there would be bad days as well as good, and that we should keep an eye on the weeks rather than the days. But damn, this is stressful. He can't really be left alone right now, at least not outside of his carrier. And it's just so _sad_ seeing him confused and restless and stumbling around.

So, lots of stress. And I'm in school, and have to do homework and work on my research and TA classes and... so I can't give him as much time/energy as I'd like, and poor galaneia has to deal with the brunt of kitty care. I just. Mrr.

And now I must go work on research prep, wherein I figure out what sorts of gestures we will need to be coding as relevant movements for my first year project. And work on a paper due next week. And, and, and.

google doodle?

Evidently because today is my birthday, I don't see whatever google has for its birthday, only a birthday wish for me.


Kickstarter needs more backers!

Horror game based on the author's experience with OCD and depression. Looks interesting, but horror is too scary for me. :)

"Two girls and a guy"

Ok, movie... If you are going to fail to live up to your potential and have a non-monogamous couple rather than a vee or triad, then have her leave when she first appears to have left, rather than have it look like she might be included and then repeatedly fail to include her. The way you did it made it look like a) she was staying for no obvious reason than to be in the background and maybe give them the idea, and b) there was some biphobia going on.

Grr. It could have done it right, or at least better, and then... Didn't.


Fall is a melancholy time of year...

Or so it usually seems to me. The smells of fall, the season changing to winter.

So when I am presented with something about which I can easily be melancholy, it sticks more than it might otherwise.

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Next week, things start up for phd program

Just got contacted about which class I'm TA'ing: undergrad stats (of course, there appear to be 6 sections, so I still don't know when). Not bad; if I were picking from the ones that were evidently options, I would have picked it.

Assuming registration works, grad stats and philosophical foundations of cog sci. Assuming the current materials are accurate, TRF 12:00p-1:15 (why is grad stats always at lunchtime? Seriously, it was for my masters, too) and weds 6-9p.

Next week, I can register, and all of the orientations ever will happen. *nervous/excited*

Things, stuff.

Yay, rain! Happy plants are happy, and I no longer worry about my garden.

Bikes on the edge of the lane with no rear lights at night are _very_ difficult to see, and kind of scary to suddenly realize are there. Bikers? If you are riding at night, please be in the middle of the lane so that cars can see you? Preferably with reflective clothing and/or a rear light?

I know which classes I will register for in the fall!

Botanical garden with larksdream was fun, if quite humid!

Flight Rising is currently not open to new people for reasons of unexpected popularity and waiting on more, newer servers. It's really fun, though!

Jul. 15th, 2013

Very worth reading; relates to birth infections plus viruses in our DNA and the apparent results thereof (they talk about bipolar disorder and ms and schizophrenia, but I am also reminded of chronic fatigue, and maybe even autism).


Fairy tales & feminism is my best attempt at a summary. Well worth a read.

ah, gardening...

"Gardening is a kind of disease. . . . When you go visiting, your eyes rove about the garden; you interrupt the serious cocktail drinking because of an irresistible impulse to get up and pull a weed." -- Lewis Gannitt, 1891-1966, American journalist and author

this sounds familiar...

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Poly speed dating

My first poly speed dating ( event ftw! I think it went well. There were two or three women (of 7) who would love to see again, and would be happy to chat more with all of them (I really do like people, generally).

Very glad that the lovely people in charge of the programming were able to handle my last minute request to have a wall behind me. I hadn't thought about it until I got there and saw the venue (definitely will request in the future), but if I have people talking behind me, I can't hear the people talking in front of me. And it was _loud_, both due to numbers of people and to inexplicable background music.

Tasty snacks included edamame and hummus with pita bread. Other things, too, but those were to my taste. :)

Very glad for a quieter area outside the main conversational area. Wow, my ears are full. Thankfully someone reminded me to project rather than kill my throat trying to yell.

Whee! Very tired now.

And, my pcp is a rockstar!

She managed to get me a month of my script through. Not sure how, but so very much go her!

Edit: and go galaneia for picking it up for me last night!

... really...

evidently the anti-depressants i asked my pcp to fill last week, which i ought to have picked up yesterday, aren't available. because my pcp has to do something wherein she confirms to my insurance that yes, i need this med at this dosage.

perhaps unrelated, perhaps not, i really didn't so much sleep last night (sans meds). and my brain feels really odd, and sometimes buzzy.


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[links.gaming, links.psychology]

Via siderea (and yes, stealing her words): Lead social systems designer for the MMORPG League of Legends, Jeffrey "Lyte" Lin, gave a talk at GDC13 about their research into modifying antisocial player behavior.

Fascinating talk! You can watch it here: [25min]


OKCupid finds the most fabulous people! (and apparently the word 'fabulous' is itself 'fabulous')

Regardless of whether or not there is dating potential (which I often don't know immediately), I find excellent people on there.

I just had a lovely dinner with a couple of women who are married to each other (why does 'married women' not sound right there? I need more words) and who OKQ put each of in my quiver (small world, OKQ, small world). And wandering around Harvard with them (one of whom has a direction sense! Yay, direction senses!) was fun, too. The fish in the Charles are spawning, just like the fish in my pond. :)

And rain! OMG, rain! Which didn't fall on us while wandering around Harvard, but is totally making my garden much, much happier!

Now, though, sleepy. Yes.


or at least that's how it seems on some of the forums i frequent.

i have to wonder if it's because the people who have the time are often older.

anyway. makes for... interesting conversations on days like today. "more punishment! kill them all!" really? you think that works? entirely aside from any emotional mental societal effects, if that worked, we wouldn't have recurring problems!

anyway. i guess it was... an interesting distraction from feeling helpless?

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no where near the Boston marathon explosion

so people know, it didn't affect me, metahacker, or galaneia.

no idea if anyone i know was affected.

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... most complex acceptance _ever_

I just got accepted to the human-robot interaction program at Tufts. The Psychology department ended up pushing through an exception to their existing rule about adjunct faculty because I was such a good match, and the cognitive science committee just accepted me to the program, thereby allowing the interdisciplinary part.

Most complicated accepted _ever_, but it's an acceptance!


fuzzy slippers

lots of people have asked about my fuzzy slippers (mostly at arisia). the company that makes then is doing free shipping right now,

so for those who are interested in those slippers (they appear to have improved on their design, actually), or many other types of alpaca fur items made by actual Peruvians, take a look!

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It seems like all the garden shows are less about gardens, and more about what vaguely related things can be sold.

Does anyone know of any which are still actually about the plants?

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Cleaning up the garden

Aka, I just got an electric chipper-shredder on Craigslist. My piles of brush? Slowly turning into lovely, lovely mulch. Next time, earplugs. And possibly a slightly warmer day. Of course, once I get through my obvious piles, I need to remember where else I stashed brush and replace it with the newly created mulch!

Also, this might be the time of year to attack tree or bush-like things which are poorly placed or weeds. I can get to them right now! Well, except the one which seems to be growing out of our rock pile water feature. Roots are hard to get to, there.

Waaay too much fun shredding spiky plants I pulled last year. 'You wanna keep stabbing me? I keeeeell you!'

Did first pass at clearing out extraneous rotting plant debris from pond. It is far too dark in there for the current temperatures! I forgot to trim off dead plant material from the pond plants in the fall, you see. That still is pending, because it was too darned cold to do much with the pond. We did lose a few of our babies from last year, which was expected and likely necessary. (If it's very cold and they didn't get big enough soon enough, they tend to not survive the winter)

When they start coming up, going to start attacking our excess hardy white geranium species plant, because it spreads like crazy (into our lawn and my garden bed) and isn't pretty enough for me to be willing to tolerate the upkeep. The wisterias and the trumpet vine are both pretty and insanely difficult to remove and replace with better behaved equivalents. Also, galeneia really likes wisteria. If it didn't try to take over the world on a regular basis, it would be much better, though.

There's some crocuses up. I worry that our snowdrops didn't make it this year, since I never saw them. The white/green hellebore is also up, and the other (purple, I think) is budding. Lots of bits of green from bulb plants. :)


Horrifying things are horrifying...

This blog entry is kind of horrifying. Makes me want to ask random kids how they were taught to read in school...

[link, youtube] Feeling Sheepish

Originally posted by jeweledvixen at Feeling Sheepish


Wow. Just wow.

Bah, snow!

Snow plus a startling number of (all very similar; perhaps same source?) garden catalog = me perusing many plants online and adding them to my poor, overcrowded Amazon wish lists. Plant Delights is _far_ too much fun to browse, in large part because there's all sorts of interesting stuff there.

Tomorrow, meeting with potential RA position person, to talk about where I might fit. Still don't know anything about probability.

Think I'm going to get myself to be more active and help calm my plant desire by volunteering at Waltham Community Gardens when they open to volunteers on Tuesday.

Things, stuff.



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